Our Mission

By taking the 20 years of experience of Dana Polymer Nik industrial group into account in multiple areas such as production, Commerce and service related fields and by understanding the substantial role of agricultural industry in economical and social expansion of Iran, Manapak Dana and its board have set the following goals for the said company:

Manapak Dana is a firm active in investment, Research and Development, production, and education in fields related to modern polymeric technologies of industrial agriculture with the goal of increasing the health value of food products that are being put on a family’s table, as well as decreasing food waste of said products. To achieve its goals, the company has the following activities in the works:

  • Supply and produce packaging units with the goal of increasing the shelf time of food products
  • Offering education regarding the supply chain and distribution of food products with the aim of optimizing the usage of modern polymeric technologies and supply
  • Localization and commercialization of modern polymeric technologies related to agricultural industry


Relying on an experienced, motivated and expert team of management and development and in compliance with national and international ecological standards, Manapak Dana is striving to decrease the fresh agricultural products wasted in the production-consume chain by 1% each year. In order to achieve this goal, company’s overview has been set as following:

  • Becoming one of the top 10 companies worldwide in production of polymeric products used in agricultural industry using modern technologies
  • Becoming the first ranked Iranian company in technological capabilities, innovation and market share among the companies active in the field of polymeric products used in the agricultural industry
  • Setting a 50% goal for the exported goods

Industrial and social responsibilites

In additional to commercial goals, manapak Dana also has a social goal in its mind. To achieve this, we are planning to be a key player in the following areas:

  • Expanding business that is based on scientific methods and utilizing educated and academic workforce
  • Educating the population in regards to preserving the environment and optimized usage of plastics
  • Authoring instructions, guidelines and standards on packaging and the use of plastics in this field
  • Offering high quality, profitable products
  • Training expert and motivated workforce
  • Breathable Films (Manzi)